Success stories in PBKS comes in different forms; from the number of activities conducted to the number of participants joining the activities be it at the Drop-In Centers, Referrals, Outreach, sessions and events. Most of these activities provide the community with information; but most of all, a sense of belonging and allowing them to take an active role in their own welfare by giving them the tools to make informed decisions with regards to their well-being.

  1. We have 100 children who come from various back ground and are in need of support; we provide tuition every Saturday and Sunday along with travelling allowances, monthly school pocket money and school uniforms through the support of Berjaya Care Foundation. This session provide opportunities for the children to improve in their studies, offer the parents a break in their daily ritual by providing them a platform to increase their knowledge and to network among each other. It also helps to create family moments when the parents are involved in the progress of their children’s studies through the activities conducted by the facilitators, who are mostly volunteers from our local university.
  2. We engaged in a partnership with another NGO to conduct basic computer classes in the centre for adults and children alike. This is also a great opportunity for our clients to increase their skills. The computers were donated by the NGO along with the trainer.
  3. Referral service has shown tremendous success in providing our clients with the assistance needed as we strongly believe that ‘Everyone deserves equal opportunities” and through the overwhelming number of 1,783 referral cases requested, we have successfully completed 1,465 cases in 2013. Referral services are fast becoming our most cherished and successful project.

Events are part of SEED’s activities and for 2014, we organized 2 major events by pooling our resources together. The events were:

  • International AIDS Memorial Day
  • Hari Raya AidilfitriOpen House.

Runway Charity

Open House Hari Raya

International AIDS Memorial Day (IAMD) is conducted on the 2nd Saturday of May every year and is held to commemorate those that have passed on and those that are still struggling with HIV. Our activities were:

  • Cleaning the Karak Highway Cemetery
  • Multi-faith Gathering.

Cleaning Cemetery

SEED Charity Sale

The 1st event which was “Cleaning the Cemetery” near Karak Highway is an annual event and over 50 clients volunteered for the clean-up. This cemetery is a Muslim cemetery and most of our clients who are homeless or their bodies are unclaimed will be buried there. DBKL provided us with the tools and the lorry to cart off the rubbish collected during the clean-up.

The 2nd event was the “Multi faith Gathering”, held at the centre and received approximately 600 clients. The centre were divided to house the prayers from different religion and led by the religious authorities that undertook to participate in this event.

The “Multi faith Gathering” has been remarkable and beneficial in adding depth to the IAMD event as it creates solidarity among the community. The rationale of this event was the need to promote the integration of the community beyond race, religion and social standing. The IAMD event was also the ground to disseminate information to the public on Health, legal issues and to promote condom use in the community.

Another annual event which had over 700 people were the open house for “Hari Raya Aidilfitri”. There were volunteers from the community who performed, donated and even assisted us in crowd control.

This is an occasion where the community will be in their best clothing; donated by the public, eating the festive goodies together with the guests. This is a social event that gives them the opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya as most of them are without family.

Our Success Story


Mak Wan

  • Former Drug User
  • Year 2000 went into rehab
  • Started working as Peer Support and then Outreach Worker
  • Received Oven in 2013 and started small business selling kuih


  • Former Drug User
  • Changed lifestyle in 2006.
  • Worked as delivery man and married in 2008.
  • Currently Still  doing both job.


  • Was a Sex Worker.
  • Started taking orders for raya cookies and attended make up
  • Started small business doing make up and selling Women Accessories.
  • Currently Still  doing both job.
  • Opened a Kiosk in Ampang from january 2015 to date.