Out of a total of 557 Mak Nyah clients seeking for referral assistance, 75% are Malay; followed closely by 10% Sarawakian, 6% Chinese, 4% Indian and 3% others. Others are Indonesian or Thailand where they need us to assist with regards to HIV medication.


A majority of our Mak Nyah clients are single and NOT from either a Drug User or a Sex Worker background. 49% are employed whilst others are mainly doing odd jobs or jobless. Odd jobs referred here are mostly freelance or according to request i.e.: small catering, wedding planner, show girls or freelance makeup artists. 2% of the Mak Nyah clients have their own business i.e.: food stall, bridal shop, hair salon, and reflexology and aesthetic therapy center. 5% of the Transsexuals are homeless and a majority of them have a roof over their heads.

As most of the Mak Nyah communities are very supportive of the activities, those who own their own company offer support by providing job opportunities to the unemployed. This is also part of the activities where we help in building a tight and empowered community through our social media group and our networking session.


In 2013, 324 Mak Nyah were provided with health assistance through our referral services for VCT, Hormone Treatment and HAART medication. Other heath referrals were for STI’s and general sickness. 284 Mak Nyah were successful in their treatment.

Job Placement proves to be one of the challenges in our referral services as out of 111 Mak Nyah, only, 29 were given the opportunity to work. This could be due to several reasons but one of the main reasons is based on appearance and gender. The other reasons that contribute are qualifications, locations and health. Hotels have accepted 6 of our clients to work with them. Others are working as sales assistant in shopping malls; spa and some are working in other NGOs.