Positive Living is unique in a sense that the activities caters to all; infected and at risk to HIV. As with the other 2, majority of clients seeking for referral assistance are Malay at 78% and 29% are between 31 to 40 years old. The clients are combinations of new and old who have continuously participated in the activities and services.


Through the course of 2013, 421 single clients participated in the referral services out of a total of 631 clients. 289 are employed and 293 of them are staying in a rented room or house. 73% are male and 32% are from drug user background.

Children are part of Positive Living targeted community and contribute to 11% of the total clients seeking for referral assistance. Mostly, referrals are with regards to Birth certificate, school registration or health as some of the children are PLHIV. These children are also given the opportunity to participate in our pilot project with Berjaya Care Foundation; which is to provide tuition for infected and affected children and is conducted every weekend by volunteer teachers from concerned individuals.


From a total of 631 clients, we were successful in providing the assistance needed with 547 clients and a majority of them are in the area of Health. 118 were for VCT, 55 were on HAART; while other health referral given were for TB (13), Hepatitis B/C (10), Pediatrics’ (11), STI (7) and other general illnesses, which includes psychiatric, skin and lung infection.

219 clients were successful in the social welfare assistance referral program out of 259 that applied. JATI had the most number with 66 clients; Fidyah (PTF) had 25 clients, assistance from other NGO (22), Lembaga Zakat Selangor (14), Baitulmaal (11), JPN (10), JKM (9) and the balance are from other agencies ie: JAWI, KWSP, MTAAG+, JAIS and PERKIM.

We were fruitful in placing all clients that applied for Job referrals as Security guards, housekeeping, telemarketing sales; and other NGO. The choices are limited due to the educational background and the lack of job opportunities especially for PLHIV. 7 clients were successfully placed in shelter homes – Istana Budi, DIC Pahang, C & C Sungai Besi, Rumah Solehah, Pengasih, Darul Ukhwah and other homes that are available for the clients. This can also prove to be a challenge as there are times when the shelters have exceeded their capacity and are not able to take our clients in.

As in the other activities, providing prospects for our clients can be challenging due to several factors and that includes the misconceptions of HIV/AIDS individually/professionally, educational background and/or the discrimination towards MARPs.