To make people understand better about transgender and the issues surrounding it especially in Malaysia, SEED, the staffs and a few other non-government organizations (NGOs) such as Justice For Sisters has collaborated with and participated in many different research and studies carried out by third parties. Some of the researches that we have collaborated or participated in are listed below:

A Preliminary Study on Transgender Issues: A Case Study on Justice for Sister (JFS) as a New Social Movement in Malaysia

Justice for Sisters (JFS) is a non governmental organization founded by Nisha Ayub to raise public awareness about issues surrounding violence and persecution against the transgender community in Malaysia. JFS also has group of networking such as Pink Triangle Foundation, SEED Malaysia and Human Rights Initiative. In this article, the author will analyse a violence and extremism against gender segregation towards the trans community. A qualitative research method was conducted by using document analysis. In addition, this article also applied a new social movement theory (NSMT) in discussing the development of JFS regarding transgenderism issues in Malaysia. This article regarded that JFS was one of the new social movement to overcome specifically the issue of transgender in Malaysia.

This preliminary study on transgender issues was carried out by Sa’dan A.A, Jaffary Awang, and Nur Farhana Abdul Rahman, which was discussed as a part of the 3rd International Seminar on Islamic Thought at National University of Malaysia in 2018.

Nisha Ayub, the founder of SEED, has been interviewed for their study.