As for the Women, 68% at 405 of the women requesting for assistance in our referral service are Malays, 14% Chinese sex workers, 9.6% Indian and the balance of 8.4% are either Sarawakian, Sabahan or Indonesian who falls into the ‘OTHERS’ category.

The ages of clients requiring referrals are between 21 years old to 60 years old with the majority at 33% are 21 – 30 years old. Followed closely by those between 31 years old to 40 years old at 29%, 41 – 50 years old at 18% and 51 – 60 years old at 20%.


The statistics show that, from 595 clients seeking referrals, 48% are not married, 59% are doing odd jobs to sustain their livelihood, 38% are sharing either rooms or house with a friend and 42% are from the Sex Worker/Drug User (SW/DU) background. 27% are single parents, 24% are jobless, and 29% are still staying with their family.

The Women’s Activities does referral for ‘Partners of Sex Workers’ and in 2013 there were 57 of them seeking for assistance. The men are mostly from drug user background and a majority of them are referred for health, methadone or job placement. Caseworkers provide their services to the clients based on request and the level of trust and comfort offered by the staff.

Most of the clients do odd jobs to complement their income i.e.: food stalls, house cleaners, general worker (market), kitchen helper, car park attendant, security, catering, baby sitter and waitressing. The neighbouring community, shops, stalls; market and restaurant mostly hire the clients for these odd jobs. Usually they are paid between RM 10 to RM 20 per day and depending on the need of the hirers.


From the 595-referral clients in 2013, we were successful in ensuring that 507 clients received the assistance they required. 238 were referred for health and 228 were successful in receiving treatment. As for social welfare assistance, out of 192 clients referred to social welfare agencies only 148 were successful to receive the social welfare assistance. We were able to provide jobs for 45 sex workers out of 61 that applied and most of them have been employed as permanent security guards, office cleaners, restaurants or other NGO’s.

The reasons why some clients were not successful are due to either lack of documentation, no documentation, no response from agency, still in process, not qualified, health condition or did not attend the appointment set.

The respect commanded by our staff ensures the efficacy of our services. Community members take our information seriously, recognize the validity of our services through our partners and most importantly, facilitate their challenges through discussions with our staff, so that all are aware of their status and the status of others.