September 23 2019 0comment

Semimonthly Exercise and Odissi Dance Class (always updated)

With the help of January Low, we start to do semimonthly exercise and odissi dance class for SEED family, and anyone in the drop-in centre could join in the sessions and have fun together. This post will be updated with the photos and videos of the sessions whenever available.

Week 1 (23 September 2019)

Week 2 (7 October 2019)

Week 3 (21 October 2019)

Week 4 (18 November 2019)

The session for week 4 was originally scheduled on 4 November, but due to health problem, it was postponed to 13 November. However, there are not enough staff to make it happen, and so it has been postponed to 18 November. Th original week 5 schedule on 18 November on other hand was postponed to 25 November.


SEED or Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Persekitaran Positif Malaysia is the first Trans-led community based organization in Malaysia. Officially registered in 2014, SEED was created to ensure the availability of support services for marginalized communities, especially the Transgender community.