Sessions in the Drop-in Center


We conduct sessions on either weekly, biweekly or monthly basis for each programmes. There were also on-demand programmes and collaborations with other parties. The programmes were done on the need of the community and the activities were planned in advance to ensure the participation of clients who want the information that they needed.

Our approach to all these sessions is one of mutual understanding bred through open discussions of the topics and issues, rather than being limited to a lecture format.


Information Session:

  • Religious classes (Fardhu Ain) – Reading Al-Quran, History of the Prophet,  History of Islam.
  • Video Documentary – Stoning of Suraya, Pecah Lubang
  • Talks – SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expressions), ID Card purposes, Law.

Health Session:

  • Cancer – Prostate, Breast.
  • STI – VCT. HIV 101, HAART.
  • General health – Hormon and side effects, Syabu and side effects, Silicon scarring, Risk of Sexual Reassignment Surgery and Vocal Feminization.

Capacity Building Session:

  • Talks – JPM, MARA, INSPEN, UTM (Effective Communication), Interview Etiquette, Motivational with UPM, Self-Motivation.
  • Workshop – Hair Grooming, Make up day and Night, Self-Grooming, Bridal Make up, Fantasy Make up, Cooking.


  • Internal – Managers meeting, staff meeting
  • External – MyNETRA meetings, TraCE meetings, Networking meeting, sports and activity meetings.


  • Talks / Sharing – History of SEED, Volunteer Induction, Update on cases, Outreach Challenges, Presentation style, Preparation before speech, Stress Management, dressing Etiquette, Self Confidence, Being comfortable in your surroundings.
  • Others – Poco Poco, Odissi, Condom Demo, Red Ribbon making.


  • Peer Support – Peer to peer / One to one counseling
  • Group Counseling – Sharing session